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What about Sinceris?

Sinceris is a family business born out of my father in law’s passion, patience and creativity which I have always shared. I have been involved with Sinceris since its beginning in the UK 6 years ago and finally could no longer resist starting Sinceris in Hilversum, where I live.

My aim is to continue producing local, natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly, quality soaps, shampoo & conditioning bars, soy wax candles, lip balms, hand creams, to name but a few of the Sinceris products.

They are handmade locally with high quality natural ingredients and lots of creative love and care.

I hope to encourage you to treat yourself, a family member or a friend to Sinceris products and to maybe also switch to a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Sinceris means ‘pure and without admixture’ in latin - this is the promise I make.

What about Sinceris soaps?

Sinceris soaps are hand-made, using only traditional vegetable ingredients and methods that retain the natural goodness of glycerine; unlike most commercial soaps. Once made, hot process soaps are ready after a relatively short drying time. They are also pH neutral and therefore much gentler on your skin.

What about Sinceris candles?

Sinceris candles are handmade from scratch with sustainable soy wax in Het Gooi. Our scents, whether fruity or floral, are subtle and carefully selected to pleasantly fragrance your rooms. Soy wax is an environmentally-friendly alternative to paraffin and burns slower so you keep your candle for longer.

What about other Sinceris products?

We are working on them and will let you know when they are available to purchase in our webshop!

What does Sinceris care about?


You and your opinion matters to us. We take your feedback into consideration.


We hand make and wrap all our products ourselves and use the best ingredients we can find.


"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" is our motto: we love what we do


All our products are vegan and we do our best to avoid plastic and encourage you to recycle used packaging.

~ Karine ~

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