About us

Sinceris is a family business born out of my father in law’s passion, patience and creativity which I have always shared. I have been involved with Sinceris since its beginning in the UK 6 years ago and finally could no longer resist starting Sinceris in Hilversum, where I live.

My aim is to continue producing local, natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly soaps, shampoo & conditioning bars, soy wax candles, lip balms, to name but a few of the Sinceris products. They are handmade locally with high quality natural ingredients and lots of creative love and care. I hope to encourage you to treat yourself, a family member or a friend to Sinceris products and to maybe also switch to a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle. Sinceris means ‘pure and without admixture’ in latin - this is the promise I make. 

Find out more by exploring my website or send me an email at sales@sinceris.nl

~ Karine ~