Coconut Shampoo Bar voor DROOG haar met argan-, sandelhout- en rozemarijnoliën pH-neutraal

€ 4,50

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A rich foaming shampoo bar with added argan oil, specially formulated for dry hair. Your scalp and hair are naturally hydrated and your hair feels clean and soft for days.

Sinceris skin and hair products contain only sustainable herbal ingredients and are handmade according to artisan methods. These methods retain the beneficial moisturizing effect of the glycerine produced during the manufacturing process. They are also pH neutral and therefore protect the healthy balance of your hair and scalp. This is in contrast to most commercial soaps to which artificial ingredients are often added.

Keep in mind that switching from a regular shampoo and / or conditioner can make your hair feel a little tacky at first. Regular hair products often contain artificial silicones, which remain in a layer on your hair and are also 'detoxifying' your hair can take several weeks. For best results, we recommend using our conditioning bar in combination with our shampoo bars.

Made by Sinceris in Het Gooi, NL